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Nokia CR-39 Mobile Handset Holder / Cradle Universal In car mobile phone holder with suction windscreen mount LEICESTERSHIRE
In car mobile phone holder, with suction windscreen mount
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The Nokia CR-39 Car Holder is a simple and compact car holder for your mobile  phone. It has an adjustable clamp to hold your handset and has a quick release  button that releases your phone quickly and easily. The bottom resting plate can  be extended for wider handsets. The side clamps are solid with a soft padded  cushion to grip your phone. The bottom resting plate and the top edge can both  be removed and put on the opposite ends to allow the CR-39 to be used ‘upside  down’ so that the clamps then sit about 1cm lower in order to prevent it from  covering the volume keys.


With this product, we are also able to supply and hardwire a charger, so that it is not drooping across your dash! Give us a call to discuss your requirements, and receive a quote!

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