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Britax A101 Single Bolt Mini Light Bar Britax A101 LED 1 Bolt Amber Mini lightbar  LEICESTERSHIRE
Britax A101 LED 1 Bolt Amber Mini lightbar
£160.00 *Fitted
£133.33 Ex. VAT
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Compact Mini amber LED lightbar, which is secured using a single bolt.

Full spec:

Conforms to ECE Regulation

  • 6 x 4-Way LED Modules, 850 lumens
  • Dual Voltage 12/24v
  • Low Current Consumption, Max. Draw = 0.5amps per module
  • Flash Frequency = 20HZ.
  • Each Pair (3 Pairs) Take Turns To Flash 10 Times and Flash 10 Times at the Same Time
  • Also available in Magnetic Fixing, for Temporary Use Only At Maximum Vehicle Speed of 50mph / 80kph. [A100.00.12v]
  • The light bar base should be parallel with the ground and fitted to the flattest part of the roof, on the longitudinal centre line across the vehicle.
  • Single Bolt or Magnetic fixing, clear lens with amber LED's
  • 6 x High Intensity LED modules [3 LEDs per module]
  • Dimensions: L: 27cm x W 14cm x H 8cm -[14cm at the centre point and tapers down to 12cm at each end]


Price includes all equipment, full installation and VAT


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